CARPE: Negative determination for health clinics with humanitarian partners

Excerpt of USAID determination document: Funding Begin: FY2003, Central Africa, Managed by USAID/DRC
Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) Funding End: FY2010
lOP Amount: $55 million ($45 million,DA, $10 million ESF)
Current Date:. May 3,2004

Categorical Exclusion: X
Negative Determination: X
Positive Determination:
Deferral: X
ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS: (Place X where applicable)

SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: This amendment to the subject lEE recommends changes in threshold determinations in the lEE for the Central African Regional Program for the Environment Phase II (CARPE II). It recommends changing the Positive Determination in the original lEE to a Categorical Exclusion and Negative Determination, forthose activities associated with Reduced Impact logging (RIL) and Sustainable Forest Management, respectively. Likewise, threshold determinations are provided for those activities for which a Deferral had been recommended, due to insufficient information at the time. Thus, this lEE resolves the previous deferrals. Except as noted above, all other terms and conditions remain in force and unchanged, and are recapitulated in the present amendment of the CARPE IIlEE, for the sake of clarity and coherence
(with the exception of Section 2 and Annexes 1-4 in the original lEE, not included here). The Strategic Objective of the Program is to reduce the rate of forest degradation and loss of biodiversity through increased local, national, and regional natural resource management capacity. There are three Intermediate Results (IRs) to be covered under this lEE: IR1, "Sustainable Natural Resources Management Practices Applied", 1R2,"Natural Resources Governance Institutions, Policies, Laws Strengthened", and IR3, "Natural Resources Monitoring Institutionalized. The lEE covers the strategy period FY 2003-2010. Most of the activities addressed herein were initiated and developed under the previous CARPE I project, and have been proven to be beneficial to the environment and to sustainable management of natural resources in the Congo Basin1.

Negative Determinations with Conditions are recommended, per 22 CFR 216.3(a)(2)(iii) for the following previously deferred activities:

a) Build Community Conservation Center (Sub IR 1.2).
Centers will be within the 10,000 square feet surface area disturbed size limit for small construction, and follow the guidelines as described in the USAID/AFR Environmental Guidelines for Small Scale Activities in Africa (EGSSA) located at www.encapafrica.ora.

b) Establish health clinic(s) with humanitarian partners (Sub IR 1.3).
Small buildings less than 10,000 square feet will be constructed or repaired to receive populations for vaccines and health
care. Guidelines for environmentally sound construction and healthcare waste management will be followed as described in the USAID/AFR Environmental Guidelines for Small Scale Activities in Africa (EGSSA) located atwww.encapafrca.ora:

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