Consortium of central African NGOs in February 2005

Excerpt from Rainforest Foundation website on COMIFAC: "....We, the undersigned non governmental organisations from Central Africa, which attended the ministerial conference of AFLEG or participate in the implementation of the Forest Code in the Democratic Republic of Congo, note the organisation of the 2nd commit of heads of state on the conservation and sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa, held in Brazzaville 29th January to 6th February 2005...We encourage such meetings which address important issues around sustainable management of forests in central Africa, and the challenges that Central African states and civil society face in assuring the well being of local communities. We think that regional cooperation is a key means of resolving common problems faced in the region...In the absence of an invitation for the undersigned organisations to participate in the summit, and in the absence of a consultation on the issues to be discussed, we present below, in writing, our observations and recommendations..."

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