Present-day social dynamics

Excerpt from Maricopa.edu website: "...Nowadays many pygmy groups no longer spend the whole year in the forest. Four or even six months of the year, in the dry season, they build their huts outside a settled village of cultivators who use them as plantation labor and treat them as land servants...In reality, many cultivators consider the pygmies less than human. They have created a system of hereditary service: a pygmy always works for the same master and subsequently for his heirs, and the pygmy's children go on working for the same family...The economic arrangement between the two groups usually works to the disadvantage of the pygmies, who do not use money and have no conception of its value...The pygmies are considered the poorest of the poor, the occupants of the bottom rung of the economic ladder. As far as possible, the cultivators make sure they remain unaware of the value of money, for fear they will become too expensive..."

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